Epic rides can Lurch become a greyhound.


The On-one tourer is great for heavy winter use, all dynamo’d and mudguarded up, but its not very inspiring when there’s a need for speed. At 22.7lbs in basic mode its no climber either. The temptation is there to get a superlight CX frame and the Ibis Hackalugi (1100g) or Pivot Vault are in the frame, with a Planet-X XLS in the bargain bin option.
With a discount code that could be a £400 frame and fork with weights of Frame 1223g fork taper ally steer 769g that’s a 2 kilo package.
As pure Carbon CX low profile head down bikes could they prove to be too uncomfortable for epic all day use.

This got me thinking, can Lurch become a Greyhound. Its done plenty of miles with 34mm Vittoria XG Pro tyres on Stans Alpha rims. Flat bars and 44-32 drivetrains and its been a capable training tool for Sunday group rides. Hard work but a great climbing tool.

A 29″ MTB frame has a long TT, and the Burlycross could be an ideal epic racer, but unfortunately the top tube us just to long for drops, the extended stretch is a body killer over time. Even the Medium Lurch is at 602mm TT, but nothing ventured!

Grafting on the Burlycross Midge bars, short 18 deg stem, brakes and wheels is a quick swop and allows for an easy comparison. The Aspen rear was left on as the winter pot hole smasher for now. 21.1lbs was disappointing but still this bike always feels light to pickup and ride. Plenty of scope to lose that, heavy seat, bars and tyres for starters. Initially the reach feels good, about 10mm less than the Ragley, and not too racey.
But wow its so much harsher, quite a surprise as I really like lurch on road on CX tyres, but a quick swop from the Burly Ti really highlights the difference.  I think the combination of unforgiving cheap carbon, a short 31.6mm seatpost and eventually road tyre pressures could be a deal breaker here. A long test run required but initially it’s night and day between Carbon and Ti.

MTB frames differ from road frames in that they put the BB position further back, this puts your knee (patela) power position forward of the pedal axle, not recommended by bike fit. Moving the seat back or a lay back post is not an option when I’m trying to shorten the reach. Maybe a few tests with the power tap wheel could be in order.

Gearing is another issue. 44-11 is the Max on Lurch, so how limiting is that; Lets check at 90 rpm on a 28mm tyre.

Compact 50-11. Is 33.1 mph or 1 mile every 1 min 49 secs
MTB 44-11. Is 29.1 mph or 1 mile every 2 min 4 secs

Not as much of an issue as expected, realistically the only handicap is chasing a higher geared rider downhill, or with tailwind. Having a lower 32 MTB ring, or even a 44-29 FSA dual would be great for lactic prevention spinning up long steep alpine climbs.

Let the testing begin.


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