Epic fast wheelrims


The on-one Ti CX as a tourer worked well if a little heavy. The wheels were a hasty 2nd hand purchase but a bargain for the SP Dynamo hub and DT240 rear hub and the bonus of being full strength 32 spokers. The rims are no name carbon Chinese items, whilst looking pretty rad on a tourer, they have weak beads, and sourcing tubes with long valves can be a pain on the road.

They will eventually need re-rimming, and initially the Stans Iron Cross rims won whilst gravel racing were ear marked for the job, but they have pressure limits as they are not really suitable for fast road tyres. I have seen several builds spec HED Belgium plus rims which are wider than standard ally rims for better tyre footprints, which need investigating, but I guess the wish list is a light disc specific carbon rim.
Stop press just discovered the new Stans ZTR Grail. Its like they read my mind
24mm wide 32 hole, some aero, and tubeless security yet can handle 100 psi for tubes, but mainly cheap. 460g. Looks like JRA have a wheel build coming their way.


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