Endurance Adventure bike options

So the hunt is on a new machine to go fast and long. This years monster mileage has been done on a variety of machines. It’s time to stop the constant kit changing and build up a specific mile muncher.

Cyclo-cross bikes are on the radar because of their tougher build and disc options, also there is always the custom option. Travers Bikes offer some degree of bespoke Ti frame selection. Elite CX a great option if mudguard and rack mounts are high on your list of essentials.

Some serious thinking went into the The Trek Boone 9 Disc. A frameset comes complete with fork, headset, stem and seat tower. The ride with the Iso Speed decoupler gets great reviews from cyclo-X racers so this could be an amazingly comfortable mile eater, whilst retaining off road versatility.  It’s no looker in dull mat black, but has all the requirements to make a great bikepacking tool with the lifetime warrenty of a bigger company as backup.

Looking around and away from the Cyclo-cross bikes there are some other interesting adventure bike options.

Evans own brand Pinnacle Arkrose 3 frame is an absolute bargain at £175 when I last looked Aluminum at 1570 g and the tapered carbon fork at 535g for £200. The designer James Olson knows a thing or two about epic journeys as he has raced the Tour Divide as well as many Alpine bikepacking road trips, so you can be sure this will ride well.

The Cannondale Synapse Rival disc is another Alloy option, and the Jamis Renegade carbon has the looks and 40mm tyre clearance and a 1600g frame and fork package. Actual weight of a 58cm is real good at under 19lb too, thats one hot looking bike. £2500 for a full Ultegra Hydro braked bike from Evans has some top kit on.



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