15000 Bike Miles (24000 Km) for 2014 bring on TCR2015

I seem to have got a bit carried away this year. I set out this year to enjoy riding and finally go cycling touring whilst hoping to retain my Eastern MTB champs title.
Riding out the door to Belgium and Holland, then later the French Alps ticked plenty of boxes awakening a deeper wanderlust. What do you know it had the bonus effect of putting me in the best form for years.
Six straight MTB race wins was evidence of that so more boxes ticked there.
Riding to the lakes then the Welsh ride thing and CharlieBikeMongers Dorset gravel race opened up the UK by bike. Finally riding a Northern coast to coast whilst popping my Audax cherry with a 600K almost seemed normal.

15000K miles
2014 Year to date on Dec 9th

Now for that new bike frame I promised myself at reaching 15K, time to get ready for a Stella 2015.

TCR 2015 is entered, there are qualifiers for Paris-Brest-Paris to get and a few other mad rides to think of in the name of training. Got any ideas, need some company, drop me a line.
One definite goal is to approach the Gorilla ride a different way, 2 laps of the 109 mile lumpy route, and still get back for beers in the sun at the wharf, but that’s a long way off yet.



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