HAM’R attempts 2015 (Tommy Godwin Record)

A transatlantic battle of endurance mileage is brewing, and it’s going to be a fascinating watch throughout the year. If you want to help go to Steve’s website and donate a few pounds, I have.

You cannot underestimate what a titanic effort this is. Ever ridden 200 miles in one day? OK how about EVERY day for a year. that’s right, literally no time for any of that boring life stuff, just time to eat, sleep, ride, repeat.

In the UK corner Steve Abraham One Year Timetrial in the USA corner Kurt Searvogel HAM’R The rules have been set by the American UltraMArathon Cycling Association to recognise the record and from now on no mater what happens someone could call themselves mileage king of the year. The Ultimate goal is to return to the heady days of an annual long distance race, when riders were employed professionally to live on their bike.

The established record is 75,065 miles by Tommy Godwin. Who? check this amazing guy out Tommys epic ride story from 1939. YACF forum for all the latest information and gossip and how you can support our Tommy vs the American. The press are just waking up to this BIKEBIZ, let’s hope he gets some good coverage as he sets off and throughout the year, and let’s all hope for a mild end to Winter.

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