Velobici four weeks in December

The Velobici Clothing company of Leicester set a December long Strava challenge, Four weeks in December, one different for each week.

One of these was to climb the height of Everest in a week. Now around here that’s pretty tough unless you an idiot and do it in one day hey! It gets tougher when you come down with a streaming head cold half way through the week. I can safely say I know all the climbs in the Welland valley intimately, and there’s even a contender for another mad Everesting day…..did I really say that out loud!

Velobici Everest week Dec14 Velobici Everest weel Dec14

400 Miles and 8900 metres later I was one of three to complete it and was picked out of the hat for a prize of some lovely thermal legwarmers I love it when a plan comes together.

And yes that is Local cycling tart and FNSS legend Chris Rathbone in model mode 😉


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