2014 what a year – Roll on 2015

Checking my Heatmap for 2014 brings back many happy cycling memories. Full Map here A fair spiders web of tracks from central UK with just a few isolated Eastern race and Welsh venues. Nearly set now for the mammoth TCR ride in 2015.

Every inch covered in 2014 - 25,000 km - I might finish that ride round the UK coast one day too.
Every inch covered in 2014 – 25,000 km

Next year will start with some big miles in preparation for the 4000km race to Istanbul. 2015 is a Paris-Brest-Paris Audax year, PBP only happens every four years and it would be good to experience it one day.
6000 cyclists riding non stop from Paris to the West coast and back is one of cycling’s great challenges as well as a superb carnival. To enter this event you have to qualify by doing a set of organised Audax rides before the 21st June. One of each 200/300/400/600 Km. A perfect training target for the TCR if nothing else, so I’ll be doing my best to qualify and get an entry in on the back burner.

The timing of PBP does make actually doing the event difficult, as it’s only one week after the Transcontinental finishing party, a flight from Istanbul to Paris could be the answer providing the body is still willing.

I think a return to the Belgium cobbles in March is a given, with some warm weather riding in Spain on the cards too. Another long term plan is to approach the Gorilla ride a different way, 2 laps of the 109 mile lumpy route, and still get back for beers at the wharf, but that’s almost a year finale!

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