TCR3 countdown starts now, wait hold that! Acetabular fracture.

2015 starts with my radar on for any excuse to ride long, along with a great enthusiasm which leads to 700 miles in the first 13 days of January. Black Ice, now that slippery sucker has a habit of changing peoples plans in a split second. Doh!


Apparently having your Femur slam into your Pelvic socket is not good, and I’m now the not so proud owner of an Acetabular fracture.

As far as the immediate effect on my plans, well that’s at least 8 weeks non weight bearing on my left leg. The prescribed rest period, also comes with a whole bucket load of syringes to self administer a blood thinning injection to prevent Blood clots.
Long term the potential for further complications looks almost 100%,  reading this is pretty worrying OUCH especially this bit:

This means that even if the pieces are put back together perfectly, the cartilage (soft tissue) on the joint surface is damaged beyond repair. In some cases the bone is crushed and simply doesn’t fit back together properly, or the bone loses its blood supply and dies over the next two years.

I’m generally a very fast healer with a high pain threshold, I usually half any doctors timescales for recovery, this time I don’t think that would be wise.
I’m determined this will not affect my Transcontinental race plans but that might be optimistic, as I find many very long recovery stories for broken hips. Those generally involve the Femur snapping before the socket so it’s not an indication of my exact problem.  If I’m going to be bored I might as well blog about the recovery process from a cyclists perspective, It might stop me going stir crazy and hopefully help someone with the same questions as me in the future.

Days 1 and 2 were spent in Kettering General Hospital with full bed rest. I could live with the dull pain but was quite surprised about the lack of control over my groin muscles. The lower leg could move but there was absolutely zero movement from the leg as a whole. Its a huge dead weight to drag around too.

So Day 3 and home; the initial goals are to be able to slide my leg sideways in bed, lift the thigh off the bed, and hopefully touch my toes which I’m nowhere near at present.

Day 8: Sideways leg movement is back to full and lying in bed I can slide my foot back with a huge effort to bring the knee up to 90 degrees. Still serious pain but its progress.
Day 11: Off the painkillers except for sleeping, and can handle sitting on the floor and doing some partial sit-ups. Good news tomorrow we can start an upper body exercise program, if nothing else we could have some killer Abs in 6 weeks of boredom.

5 thoughts on “TCR3 countdown starts now, wait hold that! Acetabular fracture.

  1. Jack. Best of luck with the recovery. Really hope this doesn’t derail your 2015 plans. Looking forward to following your TCR. Take it easy mate and follow Doc’s orders.
    John F

    1. Cheers John. Hope it doesn’t blow my plans but Steve Heading had 6 months off the bike for a bust hip, and he’s one serious hard man!

  2. Sorry to hear about the accident I know 2 people with similar injuries and have recovered satisfactorily. So good luck with the recovery and make sure you nail the physio stuff.

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