The HAM’R race hots up


Jo on the YACF forum is a lecturer on graphs, and using the Strava data from Steve Abraham (Red line) and Kurt from USA (blue line) shows the progress of the Transatlantic race compared to target of Tommy Godwin’s 75,065 miles; corrected for time zones. Lets ignore the Green line for now as that challenge has obviously hit the buffers of life.

The Black reference zero line is the target to be on Record pace to beat TommyG, at 204 miles per day. The grey line shows Tommy’s actual progress in the bitter January of 1939, so both guys are way ahead of his actual pace.

Breaking each individual riders trace down reveals even more comparisons. The upslope is riding time, the downslope is resting time. You can instantly see that Steve gets up earlier but Kurt rides faster and has maintained a higher daily average thanks to the Florida climate and lack of climbing. Kurt was bang on record pace yesterday as his proximity to the zero line shows, while Steve is sticking to his planned schedule (the red dotted line range) well he’s actually ahead of it.

If your thinking this is going well, and they are way up on TommyG, check the full year record view.  Tommy dropped to over 4000 miles behind schedule then virtually lived on his bike all summer. He built up a buffer and then the average dropped into the final months. You can even seen the drop off where he had a day off in November, this is the reported meet with Royalty the day after he beat the Australian held record of the time.

The Wizard with data who is compiling this comparison, has started an on-line app to show it. It’s a work in progress but will be fascinating aid to watching the progress through 2015. One-Year-TT-app

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