Strava Pro, well almost.

Strava has it’s critics, personally I love the way it creates a new sense of cycling community and group competiveness. There’s no denying it has inspired many people to achieve some great challenges.  Over the years I have used several varieties of cycling logging software; Strava is a superb one stop archive for everything I need now and for the future.

Just lately there have been some added benefits from Strava. As part of my Everesting madness an Australian group Hells500 produced a special Titanium engraved medal for those that achieved this as part of the Strava November climbing challenge. This arrived in the post, 1 of 64 apparently, thanks guys.
Everesting Ti Medal
Then as a prize for the Velobici four weeks in December challenge these lovely quality thermal legwarmers arrived. So for me Strava has some real benefits.

They do say things come in three’s, this email then appears from the Strava guru’s, so right now I’m feeling like a Strava Pro. They never asked for a jersey size though, which is  a shame,  so it’s a case of wait and see what will appear in the post-box from the USA.
Strava GranFondo Prize

Jan15 is in the bag before my accident, but achieving Februaries will take a miracle, oh well.


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