Sofa Surfing for some time yet

The mystic net speaks
How far that ride will be is the big unknown

After seeing a hip specialist in Coventry, I’m having to re-access just what the next six months will bring.
Good news that the undisplaced Acetabular fracture has not moved after 2 weeks, but the top man gave me a pretty frank talking too about the fracture I’m living with.
Even though I have had little pain while trying the leg, (well you have too),  he was adamant that the recovery was a long slow process regardless of pain.

While I sat there with my jaw getting closer to the floor Doc laid out the cold reality that I didn’t want to hear. 4 more weeks of toe-touch non weight bearing on crutches in case the fracture suddenly displaces and my leg falls off! Then 4 weeks of 20% weight beating with crutches, and basically crutches will be my friend for 3 months. Yes 3 frinking months minimum.
Driving……nope banned from driving for 3 months, and no crouching and twisting and turning, “do you want a sick note for the 3 months off work, he asked,” he’s serious about this. mmm think I might be un-employed soon.

Seriously I laughed; Ha ha nice joke, its not painful and I’m a quick healer. The Reply “Okay do it your way, push this too fast and the socket will open up. This will happen as the bone slowly displaces under the pressure, without you even feeling pain. And I will see you in 3 years for a hip replacement when your cycling will have ground out all the cartilage and your screaming in pain”

Guess I’m going for option slow then! Coming face to face with potential physical limitations is quite a shock, life changing even. Right now the goal remains the TCR start line, unfortunately it’s no longer going to be the race I expected, 200 miles a day is not a realistic target.

I’m sure my Cardio base will not suffer to much but muscle wastage and all over endurance conditioning will be shot. So bye bye thighs , out of interest I took a tape measure to them; After 2 weeks Left is 52 cm and 55 for the right, seems I favour my leading leg heavily already.

Bye Bye left thigh
Bye Bye left Thigh Muscle, measuring pre-wastage

2 thoughts on “Sofa Surfing for some time yet

  1. That sucks, I had to have two months off exercise when I snapped a rib off my sternum at a cx race, didn’t like it one bit but it soon came back. Rest up and get planning your comeback.

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