Kurt Searvogel v Steve Abraham – January (updated)

The two Centurions (or should that be double centurions) have battled through January. With 4000 miles and 27 degrees latitude between their respective locations on the planet, both have faced different challenges.

Steve finished the cold Icy January with a staggering 5743 miles in the bag, that’s safely above the Tommy Godwin rate, and above even his own schedule. But as can be seen from this fantastic visualization from Jo at GIcentre.org Kurt is proving to be an admirable opponent in the OneYearTT Transatlantic battle.

In more favourable weather conditions Kurt is knocking out close to 200 miles per day on the flatter Florida roads, his challenge has been keeping his equipment working. So far he had to deal with two broken bikes, then losing one of the replacements off his camper van rack and a few crashes too.

Playing with the ride figures from Strava  – JP Spreadsheet – shows that Kurt who started 10 days later than Steve is 380 miles ahead after his day 26 ride. He is well on schedule for a 6000 mile first month. Now this is way above his original plan, but his average speeds are phenomenal so he is riding less than Steve. The jury is out at the moment as to whether this approach allows for more recovery or is a recipe for burn out. It’s fascinating to watch and will be for the rest of the year.

Steves January wanderings
Graphic thanks to Jo Wood, giCentre, City University London” at http://gicentre.org/oytt

Steve has covered a fair few roads while clocking in for his daily shift which varies between 10 to 14 hours. A few common route options to favourite good cafes are emerging on the heat map, whilst the longer tentacles of tarmac lead to hosts for the night.

Using the first 26 days data for each rider shows the stark differences in their approach, the Audax grinder verses the racer. How long before any mental cracks surface, because both men are both showing they are supreme athletes.

  • Steve – Average speed of 14.05 mph for an average daily climb of 5331 feet
  • Kurt –  Average speed of 19.01 mph for an average daily climb of 1725 feet

Strava have done a blog post after contacting Steve at the end of Jan.

UPDATED Feb 9th: Kurt has now reached 31 days of riding so a true indication of both riders first month has appeared. Kurt has done 6218 miles compared to Steves 5743.6; that’s 474 miles ahead or put another way 2 whole days riding ahead.
This boy is proving to be a formidable opponent. Over the month Kurt has stopped during ride time 15 hours less than Steve, so you could say he has had an extra days quality rest on top too.

There’s also a long interview by the cycleshow on Podcast available. Steve and Dave Barter (how does he not swear for once 😉 talk extensively about the record attempt at six weeks in. Listen to it hear

(Burlycross is the personal observations of a bored injured rider)

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