Injury recovery progress

Apologies for those arriving here from the TCR website looking for training or kit details; although I’ve had plenty of time to create several routes to Istanbul, its far from my thoughts right now. Bike and gear info will come but right now its a race to recovery, whilst fighting off the inevitable weight increase.

Coming up for nine weeks on crutches with a damaged hip socket and at least four more to go before being accessed to try walking again, it’s getting hard to believe I might be capable of getting out of this without permanent nagging pain. Just what you need for a 2000 mile bike ride!

Leg movement is good, very good in fact, and being allowed to spin on the turbo on light power is helping to free up stiff joints and lax muscles. Thanks to Zwift I’m enjoying putting down a meagre 100 Watts in my sudo persona even if it is very frustrating staring out of the window at all this dry weather. Steadily cancelling all my prepaid PBP qualifier Audaxs as the dates appear on the horizon is frustrating as my years plans fall apart.


I have to be thankfull there is no joint pain during this non weight bearing exercise, but sitting in one position is tough. Not being able to relieve pressure with more leg power, or standing up to vary position is a hindrance to longer sessions.

Being realistic , the long term prognosis is looking like permanent pain with any pressure on the joint, walking will be troublesome and it looks like low gears will have to go on the bikes. For now all I can do is basically remain on the sofa, keeping weight bearing to a minimum to assist the very slow cartilage repair. Without any direct blood vessels down there, its a painfully slow and not guaranteed process.

The TCR start has been announced and is in Geraardsbergen at the top of the Muur (Kapelmuur) cobbled climb. As the entry is non refundable I still intend to be there, what happens from then on, who knows.
Thursday accommodation is booked at the group hostel for the start, as well as a 6am ferry from Calais to Dunkirk. A nice leisurely 100 mile warm up ride through Belgium should sort out any initial problems on the Thursday before meeting at least 36 of the riders at the hostel.

It’s debatable whether the hostel environment is a good idea for restfull sleep, but the pre-race camaraderie is something I’m really looking forward to. In full race mode, it would definitely be the time for a nice relaxed BnB, with the Friday night booked too, which would allow for some Friday evening pre start sleep. As the race start is at midnight that would be quite an expensive luxury, whilst in my current state my intended top ten finish is cancelled, so full fun option it is then.

Being turfed out of the hostel on the Friday morning offers the prospect of going about 30 hours without sleep.
Perhaps a midday siesta in a quiet location will be in order, but then with all the excitement it will be difficult to quieten down the brain. A few Belgium beers with some of the other racers could be just the tonic before the Grand depart, who’s in then?


One thought on “Injury recovery progress

  1. Hey Jack, good strategy. The injury has had a massive impact on your plans for the year but it’s great to have something to look forward to. Taking a more chilled approach to the TCR I’m sure you’ll have a blast out there.

    I’m stuck in Russia another year wishing I could be doing some epic rides but struggling to build any fitness. I’m planning to ride the HT550 course a few days after the group start. Having this on the horizon is helping my morale.

    You must be about ready to get back outdoors soon?


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