Kurt Searvogel vs Steve Abraham – HAM’R March

With no progress on my own cycling watching the two guys battling to beat Tommy Godwins mileage record has kept me occupied, so let me help you keep up to date: Disaster has struck Steve this month.

After a long days battle against the crazy end of month westerly winds he was returning up the A38 and was hit by a drunk moped rider after only 26 miles. Two broken bones and an operation today (Apr 1st) would you think put an end to his chances of carrying on. Don’t count on it, Steve has put so much into this year long effort I’m sure that he will be back as soon as he can stand any weight on that ankle. Lets hope he doesn’t do  any more damage with his determination.

From April 11th its reported there will be a new contender; Australian Miles Smith is joining the party and he also appears to have a great pedigree for massive miles, and some huge chain rings on his bikes.

Day 90 progress from Jo


The record attempt is far from dead, Kurt moved out of Florida and went home to Arkansas which lead to the dip shown (blue trace). One 100 mile day of terrible weather, and the next cut short to 150 as he had to do his taxes (he has his own business) just shows the fact that its 200 plus per day or you pay for it. Since then a solid run of big days up to 245 miles have edged him back up to that 205 miles/day target line. In fact Kurt recorded 6372 miles (10,255 Km) for the month of March which beats the record set HERE in January, although I doubt Guinness Records will acknowledge it unless they are paid to do so.

The Dotted red line for Steve shows the sad decline whilst being stationary. he is still just over 2000 miles ahead of Tommys slow start due to harsh winter of 1939 (green line) and as Jo pointed out Steve will still be ahead until the 12th April; is 12 days recovery enough to resume the chase? But at that point Kurt will be 4000 miles ahead, game over if he keeps safe and injury free.

Kurt has once again been having equipment fun, and not just the bikes this month. His Garmin 705 gave up in the wet and he had to purchase a 500 to carry on, and had problems recording the miles accurately for that bad day 63. A nasty bee sting forced his eye closed with the swelling for a few days too.
On the mechanical side a cut tyre and lights not staying on bright setting has helped to hurt Kurt big on wasted miles, drooping his recumbent off his van onto the road has also added to the expense of repairs too.

active heat map
Click the picture for an ace time lapse video shows heat map progress so far from Jo (6 minute run time)


As for Steves kit he has some more wheels, Stans Alpha400 rims on pace hubs, and his three Raleigh bikes are rotating thanks to excellent service from Stripes at Woburn Sands. Black bike now being serviced and currently using the third bike (Silver) all with Brooks B17 pro saddles.
Come the Equinox and its back on red bike with silver wheels with simpler light charging.
The exposure light has been retired in favour of a hope vision 4 LED light with a battery pack in the Carradice. He’s carrying 1 of the BBB lights as opposed to 2 earlier in the year – the bars are now a lot less cluttered for the longer days.

So we await to see how Steve plans to progress in April, as I’m certain stopping is not an option despite the injury, and the arrival of the Australian into the race.

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