TCR – Can I face honest truths?

T minus 3 months to go until the start of TCR 2015 and reality bites, do I really think I can make it to the start line on the Kapelmuur, and more importantly am I foolish to even consider taking part.

The hip has been fully weight bearing for three weekends now, but walking is still very painfull and slow, and I fear prospects of improvement are poor. Cycling works in low power mode, hill climbing is very slow but being honest the big problem is what if things go wrong?

Getting caught miles from home in a remote place with a broken bike has never concerned me, but having limited mobility is a huge handicap on such an epic undertaking. I’m sure as hell not covered by my insurance for any further hip related problems. Right now I intend to be on the start line to enjoy the atmosphere of the whole event and to share the excitement with the great people who make this event unique; but honestly a finish in Istanbul is unrealistic!

I find myself questioning if this is unfair to the organisers, or anyone on the waiting list? Should I just pull out now or keep my current realistic goal of making the first two checkpoints at least in the time I have available off work. I will give it another month, by which time I should be clearer as to whether my cartilage is toast.

My first days of walking again were quite strenuous, dragging my limping frame and a bike bag around an airport was not an ideal start. The reward of a great relaxing villa, some warm sun and superb quite roads to return to cycling was worth the struggle.

villa pool2

This superb villa, a great in house cook and a lovely bunch of friends made for an inspiring weeks return to cycling. It was frustrating not to be able to go on the epic group rides in the mountains, but there were a few beer monsters on hand to check out the coastal bars with.
south coast JP
The coastal roads North of Almeria are very quiet and a pleasure to ride on. I took the Lurcher with comfy 40mm tyres on, the low stand over height essential for the still awkward leg cocking.
South coast
I managed an 80 mile steady cruise day without any issues and was relieved that my base fitness is still there. There’s no denying I find riding slowly quite difficult, but I had to go off on my own to remove the temptation to over stretch chasing others.
Bar stop
Thanks Gorillas for all the help in making this as easy as possible for me, I’m already looking forward to beasting those monster hills there with you next spring.


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