HAM’R-OYTT update – Return of the machine Steve Abraham vs Kurt Searvogel

Over halfway through this challenge so how are they doing. 193 days gone so far for Steve (10 less for Kurt)

oyttDay193They say a picture paints a thousand words and this graph from Jo at GIcentre sure does that. The centre line is 2015 miles per day for the year to equal Tommys record, so to beat it you have to finish the year above that line.
So the Present status is that Kurt is powering along doing consistent 220-240 mile rides per day and is well on course, where as Steve is still 8000 miles below target and if you project his current rate, on what is the best time of the year for huge miles, he sadly has suffered to much from his injury time-out. His determined and impressive recovery from injury and surgery have still left a mountain to climb. New boy Miles on the other hand has failed to put in any big numbers on his attempt MK2.

Recap with some rider history.

Steve got knocked off by a moped breaking bones in his ankle, hence the dive in the graph. Returns on a recumbent trike, doing tedious slow loops around the Milton Keynes bowl cycle track, one legged, the dive lessens a touch.
He then starts to turn the corner into the long days of June and July, but comparing Tommys legendary mileage rate (grey curve) to Steves he just can’t compete.

Kurt suffered himself with a virus, hence his trends dive in April, but is regularly doing 220+ miles every day and recovered to cross the magic 205.6 miles per day average line on the graph in mid June. He still is struggling to maintain his fleet of 3 bikes, and has had numerous weather challenges due to high rainfall and tornadoes.

April 11th Miles Smith joins in from Australia proving Steve has resurrected this truly global challenge ( his website GoMiles just look at those chainrings) Apparently aiming to travel up and down the same road not unlike previous historical Australian mile munchers – Spot tracker page direct He initially had all sorts of trouble logging his mileage but looked a strong rider, then he suffered a collapsed lung. After recovery he has restarted his attempt from mid June but appears only to be doing approx 100 miles per day.

Some Copied background Info on this charecter:
Miles was working full time on night shift. He was living in Mt Martha and working in Melbourne and commuting by bike – a round trip of 160kms or 100 miles. That, plus Audax rides gave him an annual total of 70,000 kms (I also heard this story from someone else at the breakfast with a figure of 80,000 kms). Either way, pretty impressive for someone holding down a full time job!!
Miles said he has 9 months of accumulated leave so this attempt is only going to cost him 3 months pay.
His website is www.gomiles.com.au but it may not be working until tomorrow.
I heard this morning that Miles is known for his milk consumption- like Steve is for sausages!
Finally, another interesting factoid; neither of the 2 bikes I saw had Tri-bars. One has bullhorn bars and the other has normal road bars.

Miles pics and interview


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