TCR its getting real.


How cool are those stickers given to me by a friend. I have enough to stick some on the col signs en-route too.

I’m ready, well I will be when my replacement fresh tyres arrive! Then its all go for the wacky races to Istanbul, or is it more of a Gumball type event.

Pack bike, kiss the wife goodbye, Wed Train, Overnight stay in Dover with fellow racer Paul, eat lots of food. Early doors Ferry to Dunkirk and a nice gentle ride to Belgium, not forgetting more big food and essential Belgium beer.
Thursday night first meet up with fellow riders as TCR has a wing (36 beds) booking made for riders in dorm accommodation in Jeugdherberg ‘t Schipke, just 3km away from the start.

Friday is sign on and race chats and a general chilling day, with probably many riders trying to find a quiet grassy spot for an evening nap.
Start at midnight is quite tricky to prepare for, maybe we should just all take over a bar and after a few snifters, sleep pack like in a corner.

Kit is sorted, route is as prepared as I can be bothered now.


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