TCR2015 Kit list

[EDITED AFTER THE EVENT] So after 2 big trips recently I’m pretty certain I know what works for me. I still can’t stop overloading a touch, but all this weighs in at exactly 5 kilos so with liquid that’s about 6.5 Kilo extra in total on the bike to haul up the hills. I can cope with that, this set up is for my intended ferrule plan of not using hotels unless totally necessary, and making the party.


The Revelate Seat bag has a PHD down jacket to sleep in when using the TerraNova Bivy rolled up with Neoair bed and silk liner enclosed (inside orange sea to summit dry sac) Blue Karimoor dry sac holds Gore waterproof jacket and Velotoze rubber booties (lost and not required) Goretex waterproof shorts double up as casual shorts for finish. (lost and not required) Yellow Exped dry sac holds casual/sleep clothes of long sleeve icebreaker 200 merino top and compression fleece tights with spare coolmax socks and pants. Fleece hat (lost and not required) for high level sleeps but might replace it with a buff for dusty Assietta trail riding. There’s a midge head net and a can of Smidge repellent in there after suffering big style with bites last year in Provence. Not shown are two Awesome straps which are Velcro straps which can hold extra stuff on top of the seat bag, holds 1.5 litre water bottles easily. All clothing can be ridden in if the main kit gets super wet.IMG_20150719_172127

Front small bag hanging from the tri-bars holds my daily ride clothes, so plenty of room to use for extra food at night when wearing this stuff. Sportfull comfort Bib shorts, Rewolution merino base layer, Gorilla Windproof (lost and not missed), arm/leg warmers and Fox mesh padded gloves. Nathan reflective bib to meet the French night laws. All are kept in an Alpkit dry sac if wet. The Big Dog super light drawstring bag weighs nothing and is great for supermarket sweep food runs and can be slung over the shoulder for carrying night food for short periods, invaluable. I think we get a TCR mussette at sign on so this will be left at home. (The TCR Musette given at sign on was used hung from the Tri bras for food storage and worked very well)


Tools and stuff in frame mounted Revelate bag, the place for small loose stuff that can get wet.
Plenty of cable ties and reel of PVC tape fixes most stuff. Ergon Spork and Pretzl headtorch for night use. Gerber Pliers and Knife with Allan keys and torx tool for maintenance with a nitrile glove. Abus cable lock and a lightweight tub holding Assos cream. 120ml Pro Gold chain lube sample bottle, SIS zero tabs to replace salts. SIS high caffeine gels specially for the night start stage. Battery stock is 12 AA lithium batteries for the Garmin and 4 AAA batteries for tracker and rear light as they weigh little. Bike spares include Eggbeater cleats, (Eggbeater bearings and homemade tool added) pair of brake pads, pair of jockey wheels, a gear and brake cable and a Salsa Mech hanger No142. Spare chain links and tubes are on the bike frame. Toothpaste tube is a tried and trusted tyre boot with patches and glue.


Also in the framebag but can be moved to the seat pack to allow more on the move food space is the personal bits. ASDA folding toothbrush and paste, Sun cream, wet wipes, ear plugs, Ibruprophen, bite cream, shampoo and razor. The small round block is a compressed vac packed Lightload compact towel  at 16grams. It’s tough and opens to 12×24 cm and I haven’t found the need to use it yet. (still didn’t) All this fits neatly into a small Alpkit pouch.


Electrics in use and squeezed in to various bags at different times include the main Garmin Dakota 20 and an old iPhone3. (never used it whole trip) Two small 1000mA battery packs for redundancy with 3 small leads which gives me at least two different connections for iPhone and both USB sizes.  The tiny euro plug iPhone charger is superb for café stop top ups. Not shown is a Garmin Virb Video camera (lost and not used) mounted on the Tri bars.


I have modified an Apidura bag for a quick café grab bag as I don’t like riding with stuffed pockets, it tucks away in several places. This holds travel docs in a waterproof pouch with cash in a Birzeman dry money pouch. Electrics and toiletries get thrown in here for café wash up sessions. (At sign on we were given a Lezyne caddy-sac waterproof pouch, the electronics were put in this and put in the grab bag)

Also shown is my full route marked out on map cut outs: They mount up nicely on the Tri bars for an on the go reference view of areas outside of the GPX route narrow window on the Garmin, they also act as a full low tech backup.

All I have to do now is decide which bike shoes to wear for 17 days. (old Shimano Sport with added foam inserts) See you on the other side.

Sleeping Kit expanded.

I have been asked a few questions regarding the sleeping arrangements so here are more specific details, all weights are measured by me on calibrated scales:

If I do this again though, this would probably be my future kit.

Providing the route is not more northern or Alpine next year I would not bother with anything else for a saving of 704 grams (1155 – 451)


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