TCR2015 in brief: so near and definitely far.

1st night
And its ON, flashing through the Belgium night

The Transcontinental Cycle race from Belgium to Istanbul. An amazing experience as you live and learn the full daily routine of the countries people; Observe and absorb yourself in their culture then cross a border, and it’s reset and learn again. So far from just the act of turning the pedals each day for 2 weeks, this really is a great touring experience if your strong and adaptable enough. Amazing views and times with local people and fellow riders alike along the route, my thanks to each and everyone who made this a truly life changing experience.

Belgium – France – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia/Herzegovina – Montenegro – Albania – Macedonia – Greece. Unfortunately no visit to Turkey as I was hit by a severe bought of food poisoning after 12 days whilst within “easy” 2 day reach of Istanbul.

With my hip breakage this year, before the start I was still only expecting to go touring as far as Italy. I truly staggered myself with daily mileages totals of 228, 249, 169, 152, 225, 172, 183, 143, 203, 153, 198, 195 and felt so strong it really was fun and comfortable most of the time. The TCR tracking facility and dot watching community really makes this a unique event. I was met by a follower near Verona who tracked and rode with me, was cheered by followers in Slovenia and had endless cheers from various people in cars.

But a massive thanks to dot watchers Phil Sixsmith and Veta in Greece who helped ensure I ended the trip comfortably despite my drained sick state. I don’t consider not getting to Istanbul a failure, far from it, especially as was in a predicted 20th place at the time.  I feel lucky to have had such a wonderfull trip and rich view of European life. It Blows my mind…..and I was there. me selfie

TCR2015 Ride total

Stats here: 2721 miles 34,192 Metres of climbing. 166 hours riding at 13.7 mph avg

Full Daily ride blogs will appear over the next few weeks before it all becomes even more of a blur.


4 thoughts on “TCR2015 in brief: so near and definitely far.

  1. Was sorry to hear you had to drop out through sickness Jack, you seemed to be riding strongly over Mont Ventoux and in good spirits.

    1. As the event went on I was surprised how strong and even fresh I felt, surprisingly finished with no real aches pains or sore muscles, explain that ?

  2. Congratulations to a great trip! I was just reading all stage-reports and I am truly impressed – both by your physical- and mental strenght as well as by the trip itself.
    I was wondering about two things:

    1. you met a lot of riders, ie team 190, but you barely rode with them. Why? I´d assume that this would make things easier? Or is this some TCR code of conduct to ride alone?
    2. you wrote about the road conditions and a little about the traffic in the cities. But I still wonder is it was in general “nice” to go on these streets or rather demanding thinking about trucks, fast cars etc? What are your recommendations when it comes to the road selection when planning?

    Thanks for the great reports, it was fun reading!

    1. 1. Personally I try not to ride with other riders, if you catch some one you are faster than them so why slowup. If they catch you that’s their choice, it’s cool to stop and eat and drink with other riders, I find it hard to pass by a stopped rider 😉
      2. One of the main things with “racing” these events is you have to take the main roads, something I never normally do. It’s quicker and easier to navigate, once you start route planning you realise many times you have no option. It’s scary at times.

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