HAMR, Kurt so close, Have Steve’s wheels fell off. New 2016 Contenders

Christmas is coming and Kurt is closing in as of 19th December. Kurt with an amazing 40th consecutive 200 mile day is now over 1000 miles above the Godwin 205 mile a day average line. He has now overtaken Godwins 1939 total on like for like days and while Godwin had a cold winter and war time blackouts to contend with, Kurt has Florida, and with good health and luck a home run. Here’s a good Article on Kurts life on the road so far.
Blue Line Kurt - Red Line Steve
Blue Line Kurt – Red Line Steve
Meanwhile Steve is struggling, that red line seems in constant decline. Diet, digestive problems and sleep deprivation or just plain blown out, who knows but he is now 1300 miles below the line…..so that’s 2300 behind Kurt, or the equivalent of finding 10 days worth of riding to catch up…..Ouch! It’s sad to see it unfold, but it looks terminal. Ever over-trained yourself, it takes a long period of rest to climb out of a hole like that, lets hope that’s not the case.
It will be interesting to see just how many miles are on the clock for the true calendar YEAR’s mileage. Original competitors didn’t get any grace for starting late and if we compare like with like then come Dec 31st Tommy will still hold his record. Kurt (who started on 10th Jan) will go on to claim the new HAMR record rightly so, while Steve will have recorded the largest UK mileage in a year, in the modern heavily scrutinised era.
For 2016 an interesting new contender has emerged. Kiwi Brue aka cycle doctor (travelling cycle repair man based in London) Bikeradar article
The first modern sponsored rider to go after the record maybe, sponsored by Canyon bikes, using an aero bike, and possibly an Australian spring for marginal gains. Let’s say the bike gives him just 1% improvement over 70,000 miles, that could save the effort of 700 miles. That’s over 3 days extra rest which could allow for problems, or the flights and recovery time from OZ back to the UK which he has planned.
He is a serious contender having done just under 30,000 miles this year whilst holding down a job and has form for record chasing and long days with minimal stoppage time.
In August Bruce went for the LEJOG return record and was riding big miles fast with min stops like here https://www.strava.com/activities/368660409 but failed due to a knee injury. This record is so much more than speed, can the body and mind hold up to this colossal task
Follow on Strava as Cycle_dr 1 attacks it in 2016, lets hope Steve will still be in the game too.
The Ladies record is under attack too in 2016. Kajsa Tylen has the slightly less daunting task of 29,603 to beat Billie Dovey’s record. I’m hoping to join her as she sets out on Jan 1st, just as I watched Steve start his challenge this year. She is aiming to ride 100 miles per day so should be good for the Century Challenge leaderboard in 2016 at least.
Follow Kajsa on Strava  and her record attempt blog A Year in the Saddle

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