TransAtlanticWay Race 2016

Trans Atlantic what, how, are you getting into rowing? No its another unsupported mad cap race, this time around Ireland. Of course all these races have to start with “Trans” or it’s not cool; and it’s based around the Wild Atlantic Way, a tourist route around the West coast of Ireland, So The TransAtlanticWay

Trans Eire with some Northern Ireland
Trans Eire with some Northern Ireland

Starting from Dublin 17th June about 30 riders will ride their own route up to checkpoint 1 at the Peace Bridge in Derry. From there the route is fixed as riders all follow the Wild Atlantic Way around the West Coast of Ireland as far as CP2 the end of the WAW in Kinsale on the Southern Coast. Then finally it’s a short inland dash to the finish line outside Blarney Castle in Cork. The prize for winning; well there is a pint behind the bar for the first rider there, but the true prize will be the journey just look at that scenery.  The clock never stops, sleeping is optional, its going to be a great adventure.

The coastal route is rugged, isolated and probably very wild. There will be tons of daylight on the longest days of the year, but the weather could do anything at all as it rolls in from the Atlantic. Hopefully there will be some great days to allow us to enjoy the spectacular costal views. The race will be tracked as is the norm, but the site is not live yet.

The Race Route
The Race Route

Funily enough there is a non competitive Audax running at the same time from the southern end of the WAW. they just do the WAW to Derry, friend Kev is one of the riders so it would be cool to pass him in daylight sometime, going the other way. WAW Audax site and files

2 thoughts on “TransAtlanticWay Race 2016

  1. Best of luck Jack. Hopefully see you somewhere down the coast if I survive the first two days.

    1. Not even sure how the routes compare. We are going round the ring of kerry the other way but not sure of the rest. Its a very long way, to not go very far.

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