Kenesis Tripster V2

Tripster V2 first setup build

Meet Highlander**, a healthy 57cm Kenesis Tripster V2, me and him are going to be spending a lot of time together in 2017. Initially it’s time to sort out what’s going on it and in what position, so apologies purists there is going to be a lashup period.

No internal cable routing or front mech as yet, and holding off on cutting the fork steerer, as well as deciding on which bars to use. Winter is a time to experiment and fine tune. To get the clearance for a good range of tyres it’s a seriously long wheelbase, with a slacker headangle than the Salsa and apparently designed for shorter stems. As a starting base point reference it’s got a 90mm stem, bars at the lowest stack and an inline post, which pulls the reach up short but lets try it.

First week in and 300 miles later; especially after a 13 hour 193 mile trip to the Poor Student Audax, the initial impression is one of sublime comfort. Even with a saddle I don’t rate the comfort in the seating dept’ was a surprise. This came at the detriment of a sore back indicating possibly a curved spine position and maybe a bit more reach required. Some tweaking to be done.

Finding a nice Beta site allowed for some numbers comparison great idea GeometryGeeks after adding in some Salsa data I came up with this.

Size comparison data

The initial ride feels quite slow steering but then I had just spent 8 days plugged into the super fast sharp steering race bike before killing it. The increased head tube prevents the need to raise the bars, but the numbers don’t tell me the reason why the seat to BB centre is a shorter distance by 20mm?  first movement is to find a layback post to play with.

I’d forgotten how wooden those Hope V2 brakes are though, they never were staying for long.

**Highlander…………”There can be only one”…………Adventure, Touring, Racing


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