Garmin corrupt data hacks

Quick memory dump on get out of jail hacks for Garmin’s:

Edge 1000 – Software vesion 14:10 map update causes problems

After updating the map (the huge size increase required this to be loaded onto an SD card) any course fails to show in colour on the map, so multiple routes cannot be shown for navigation. This renders the device useless in my eyes as I do not use navigation mode but follow a coloured course on the display (favourite colour black)

First time ever I have felt the need to contact product support at Garmin and they replied quickly recommending a master reset.

Now this is effectively a full device reset, so I will lose all data when performed so before doing so I will need to take a backup of all the settings I prefer which have been tuned over time……..very frustrating, especially if it doesn’t work.


Edge series :- Hard rest required after corrupting with map downloads
Try this:
You may encounter an issue where the Edge 510, 800, 810, or 1000 may freeze or not power down and appear as if it is locked up. Performing the below button sequence EXACTLY while the device is connected to the computer will unlock (or unfreeze) the device.
1. Connect device to computer, it will appear not to connect in any way.
2. Press and hold LAP/RESET and POWER buttons together
3. Release POWER when the screen turns off (you MUST continue to hold LAP/RESET)
IMPORTANT WAIT – until it now shows drive folder on the PC and the connected picture on the 1000 screen appears too
4.Release LAP/RESET when device appears as a drive letter on your computer

This problem can occur after loading new items, courses or waypoints, and is generally a sign that what was loaded is corrupt or cannot be processed.

To correct this you must find the folder NEW FILES on the device and delete all the items from here using your PC. Then try and load your new items in a different format, slim down the courses or try a different loading method.

In rare occasions you might need to delete the contents of the activities folder if your last recorded file became corrupt which can happen if the battery fails in use.

Garmin Dakota or Etrex fault help:

Device does not appear to connect to the PC but operates OK.

The current recorded GPX file can get corrupted, this seemed to happen when the batteries were left to power down or during some rides over 200 miles while navigating when the memory appears to be challenged.

To correct this: Open a temporary folder on the PC ready to recieve corrupted files.
Connect the Dakota to the USB and hold down the power button
As soon as folder appears on the PC go to Garmin/GPX file and cut and paste the whole folder to the temporary folder.

This folder has a the corrupt file, very likely the last one recorded.

Dakota will now hold its connection to the PC as normal

Open the current folder in the temporary store and delete the current file.
Now copy the full GPX folder back to the Dakota (to keep all waypoints)

Connection to USB now holds

Garmin 1000

In the end despite the poor battery life and the fact Garmins are renowned for their quiky software I just had to have a Garmin 1000. The screen is just so good and the inbuilt mapping is very clear and does allow for updates as the world changes.

It has quirks though if you are looking for a long term user review or help

  • The device is rubbish at routing you on the fly, all long distance bunnies know that – routes only 1 can be saved explain
  • wanted to clear all waypoints before a USA trip – cant do that and its a four screen and swipe action just to delete one at a time. Cant just delete the .fit file in the locations folder as it mysteriously just returns..argh. so experiment once brain numbingly deleted them all I backup saved the empty .fit file then can try and re-install it over the one in use to see if that folls it to remove all locations.
  • colour of the breadcrumb overwrites the colour of a course on display, hard to backtrack when its blue on blue
  • beware of running with a big file or multiple displayed on screen, it just runs so slow its almost impossible to change screens, and the location lags behind by 100 metres meening you miss many turns.
  • getting dropdown statius screen or the zoom in out buttons to respond on the map screen is almost impossible. I end up moving to another screen then returning to get these buttons to appear then you have to grab them before they disappear again.
  • what is it with the brightness display, you have to have a battery pack if you want to ride for more than 10 hrs, then everytime you plug it in the brightness goes to full just to drain the power even more you fuckwits. so you then have to press the stupidly slow responding  +/- buttons a million times to get it to drop down. On my Dakota its a simple operation, on the old 800 it was a toggle brightness shortcut with the power button, do you just like removing any shortcut stuff to infuriate us!
  • when you pull up a course to view the one most important thing you like to do is check the settings to show if always displayed and the colour. to do this you have to swipe down to the off screen button. who the frick thinks elevation and laps are more important than this
  • 200 limit on waypoints, nots that’s pretty crap for a long multi day trip

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