MAProgress use help

The IndyPac Race 2019 HERE; open it and have a play

The NorthCape-Tarifa 2019 HERE

The MAProgress tracking site uses cookies to remember your previous settings but let’s assume you are a new here.
For starters you might want to choose the type of map in use, the default is satellite view; the top Right “3 sheets” Icon controls this.
The riders list is displayed in the basic view mode. Click the Show All Rider Markers to show all the riders last position on the map. To show just one or more riders only just click their individual marker icon
Riders in the list are active unless their name is grayed out meaning they have stopped for more than four hours. If their name is striked out then they have retired from the race.

Mouse over a riders name and their marker will bounce up and down to highlight them on the map. If you click on a riders name in the list the map will centre on their position. You can move and zoom around the map in the usual ways.
The star next to the rider selects them, or multiple riders as your favourite, their maker is then highlighted with a yellow border and this is used in other functions.

The red line is the events route. It has distance reference markers along its length, along with handy location points of interest as shown here by the Nullabor Road House @1685Km
Mouseover any rider and the data from their last GPS position will be shown, speed, distance along the route, and how long ago the GPS point was taken. If they have stopped for a while their distance is not shown.

NOTE: The GPS signals transmission is fairly random and can be up to 45 mins old even though they are moving. The map can only show the last updated positions when you refresh your browser. If you tick the predicted mode box the markers will move based on the riders average speed and update continuously. Worth doing, but remember this is only a prediction.

The website stores all the rider GPS data and the event can be replayed (even if part way through) by using the time control. Press the play button and it will start from the beginning. Be sure to have the map on the start position when you do this. Use the playback controls to change things like playback speed and select only your favourite (starred) riders. You can use the manual slider to change the playback to any time in the past.
After using the playback you will need to re-tick the predicted mode if using it..

To check out any rider for more details click on their rider marker which takes you to the Rider Profile page. As well as lots of personal information and social media links they might have a charity donation link.
There is a very useful table showing the riders approximate data for each day so far.

This can show trends on rider performance. If you mouseover any row on the table it highlights in red, if you further click on that row the route traveled on that day is highlighted on the map. Click each day in succession and you can find out where the rider ended at midnight
each day .
Highlighted tracks can be left on the map, or cleared using the Red X that appears in the LH menu.
For the IndyPac2019 check out Rhino; Ryan Flynn. The table shows how he had problems which cut down his distance and speed and then his recovery.
You can scroll through all the event riders by using the Previous and next buttons that have appeared.

Rider History

On the rider profile when you select the actual rider path depending on the colour assigned to them, the path can be very faint. Selecting the rider history can be more useful. Above is shown the history of the leader of the IPWR19 when he encountered closed roads due to snowfall (yes it does happen in Oz) The tent logo is used to denote a stop for a period of time unknown.

Once you get the hang of this you will probably leave the view on the advanced rider list. Select this with the Advanced view Icon. There are many things to play around with here; some are described here.
For the current race leader-board select “distance overall” in the Statistics drop down list. Then click the KM button to order riders by the distance traveled along the route.

The riders historical paths can be all shown on the map, which can be useful to show if anyone has got lost or had an interesting excursion. This can only draw straight lines between received GPS tracker points .A long straight line drawn on the map just means the tracker was powered off for a period.
Individual rider history can be shown here too, as detailed from the rider list view, BUT I would not recommend clicking on the show all rider marker History, it will demand masses of data and reduce viewing performance. try just one rider and see if it has any use for you.

Select the Statistics by place button. Remember those clock location points on the route map; each rider is given a timestamp by the tracking page for when they pass these by. Scroll along to the location you are interested in and click the name at the top of the column to sort for the leaders arrival times. here I have selected the Nullabor Roadhouse.
The red times are predicted arrival times, and the black times are calculated times arrived, working on GPS data; (within tracker 30 min accuracy)
There are many data selections to play with for this view. Try some like “stopped time from the start” to see who is running the Red Eye shift.
Shown is a brief check on some of the predicted times vs the real times checked the next day. Note that this is only a rough guide. Select “Statistics overall” to return to the map page.

The graph button brings up a graph control menu. You can create a graph for the progress of the top 10 riders or only those you have selected to follow as favourites (remember the favourite star). You can compare just their progress, very handy to see if a rider is catching your selected rider.

This graph is a good trending tool; shown here are four favourites I selected. Here we can see how the leader PlantBased is pulling away with faster riding and more stops than Paul Chatres. ( The flat lines indicate when the rider has stopped). You can also see how Rhino was rolling with the leaders, then dropped back down the order after two lengthy stops to try and recover from injury. You can pan around the graph by holding the LH mouse button and dragging, to zoom in roll the wheel towards you, away to zoom out.

Mobile useage
Most riders and race followers will likely be viewing this on a mobile or tablet. If you are racing in future some practice with a live event would be very useful for when you are on the road.
The red menu button holds all the control functions. the riders list appears separately. Here the rider selections are similar to the above. There is a sub menu red button, from here you can control the rider list view. It might be a good idea to select COLUMNS and only select the ones you are interested in to improve your view and viewing speed. I found selecting just four; Show current positions, Name, Distance and zoom to rider most useful.
This sub menu contains the back to map button, which is not easy to remember.

One really useful control on the mobile main menu is Show my location. This will allow MAPmyprogress to show your phones GPS signal on the map. This might help a rider if their tracker fails in use, or if you are a dot watcher trying to find a rider. Only you will see this function.
There are no Graphs in mobile use but the place and day splits show rider data in tabular form. Watch out though if you select the day splits during a race it might depress you just how many KM your rivals are riding each calendar day.
Clicking the rider Icons on the map brings up the same details and rider profiles as above if you want info, daily data and to check out if they have had time to upload any Instagram photos.
Note: you can select the desktop view on the mobile menu if you prefer that view, and also the mobile view on your PC if you like it simple or have a touchscreen.

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