Exploring 2019

It was a pretty busy year of exploring including Belgium, Scotland, N. Ireland, Eire, Wales, Spain, France and Portugal. The 2019 Heatmap shows the areas visited this year, and once again reminds me I need to visit the south coast of England more.

Travels 2019, no planes involved.
Septembers fun was an exploring feast

There has been some further concentration on expanding my all time explorer square, you can almost make out the edges here; It now stands at 64 x 64 from the Wash to Oxford putting me at 12th on the leaderboard. As an incentive to ride in December I delved into the mud to see how much of a 2019 square I could manage. Expanding it to 24 x 24 was fun while revisiting some tricky tiles to get into the top 10 for the year.

Travels to new places all start from my door rather than taking the easy option

The largest number of tiles visited in 2019 was hotly contested once again with the wandering Lee Killestein. Lee put in tons of strong long rides every month including the TransAtlantic way race in Ireland when I was helping out bike-less for two weeks. He looked to have “Explorer of the year” sewn up well into December until the legend that is Omar uploaded a bunch of files. Omar raced the TransAm this year as well as riding through the snow and ice in Alaska and the NordKap in winter! Lee is riding the NordKap to Tarifa monster race, going big again next year.

My biggest exploring tile haul for one year so far, still not enough.

The continued expansion of Veloviewer users is bringing in some serious world explorers and it will be interesting to see who is adventuring the most into 2020. For now I’m retaining the top spot in the all time explorer tiles but for how much longer; This is effectively the total amount of unique places each rider has ridden and Arec, Koos and Omar are big explorers. It will not be for want of trying as I will continue to venture to pastures new, just maybe a touch steadier. and unfortunately not as a European Citizen ;-(

The all time explorer big players (taken on 31st Dec 2019)

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