MYOG Cargo Cages

With ideas to go further with more luggage: Take one very heavy bottle shaped lump of Aluminium and make two cargo cages with it for my new Apidura Expidition fork packs, good for 9 litres more kit.

The lathe in the Cave of Rock was a pile of Aluminium swarf after slimming down the bottles substantial wall thickness. I then cut it in half, decided how much to leave for the base support, bent them to shape and then added some slots.

Lathe doing a poor impersonation of a mill

The benefit of having the bags first meant I could place the strap holes just where I wanted them. Now the next hurdle is mounting them on the fork which has no cargo cage bolts. A front rack could be in order, but the Tripster fork bosses on the inside of the legs are an issue.

One idea I have is to make an almost dummy fork bridge, A “U” loop of Aluminium strip from the fork bosses, over the tyre and connected to the top fork mount. The cargo cages can then be mounted to this loop.

All of 2020 I’ve been riding self sufficient in liquid, cutting up a large PVC water-bottle and adding a strap has allowed me to carry a 2 litre drinks bottle over the roughest of tracks no problem, a bottle bank. With another 2×1 litre bottles that’s big all day capacity, with spare for a brew too. In a years use it hasn’t let me down but as I have another big Aluminum bottle I think I will try and make a more solid version ready for those 2 litre bottles of ice cold citrus drink on future hot dream trips.

And here it is. A more solid version ready to do good service, keeping the weight low. maybe a backup biscuit or large baguette carrier in future.

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