TCR 2015

wpid-wp-1416697780033.jpegThe Transcontinental race 2015. The preparation and the ride of this epic event.

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Race Introduction

Route idea
A rough idea of the scale of the race route for 2015. Over 4000Km minimum

For the uninitiated this is an unsupported race, the flag drops and it’s all down to you alone. First rider to Istanbul under your own power, no outside help, no pre-booking and using only services publicly available to all. Sleeping is for losers! A good description of this from the Organisers Unsupported rules

  • The route taken is up to the individual but you must approach the checkpoints from a given direction, and avoid banned dangerous roads.
  • Stage 1:  The start is Midnight 24th July. In Geraardsbergen Belgium. You will be able to fill your water bottles at the ‘original’ statue of the Manneken Pis on the Markt of Geraardbergen, then with 200 other riders you will all line up to take on at least one lap of the Kapelmuur by night before being released on your splendid adventures across Europe.
    First it’s across France to the first checkpoint on the exposed summit of Mont Ventoux. The approach must be up from Bedouin. (approx 570 miles)
  • Stage 2: The second checkpoint will be on the Strada dell’Assietta, requiring riders to ride a 40km section of alpine gravel track mostly above 2000 Metres altitude in Italy. (approx 170 miles)
  • Stage 3: The third checkpoint at Vukovar, Bosnia, will draw racers away from the comfortable Croatian coastline onto the Italian Alps and the more remote Balkan roads. The option still remains to hug the Northern Italian coast instead and ferry across the Adriatic from Ancona to Split in Bosnia. (approx 725 miles)
  • Stage 4: The fourth checkpoint will see riders head South into Montenegro to the coast once again be on the summit of Mount Lovcen. (approx 300 miles)
  • Stage 5: Here the route choices will vary wildly. Last years winner took to the Northern approach into Serbia-through Sofia-into Turkey at Edirne – skirting the black sea in Turkey and onto the finish in Istanbul. (approx 650 miles) Others preferred the more obvious Albania-Macedonia-Greece route and the heat of the Aegean Coast.
  • Checkpoints do not have to riden to in order, so there is the option to travel down the Italian North Coast and ferry across to take them in order Mount Lovcen – Vukovar – Istanbul
  • For all racers the target is to arrive in Istanbul at least in time for the finishers party 14 days later on Saturday 8th August, I intend to be there and hope you’ll enjoy following my progress.
Assietta. 40Km of this will be amazing in the right conditions
Assietta. 40Km of this will be amazing in the right conditions
Looking forward to the views from Mt Lovcen
Looking forward to the views from Mt Lovcen

This is an unsupported race apart from planning a route ( my first drafts have it at 2500 miles+) and using readily available services en route you are on your own.  See more at Brooks

2500 miles in under 14 days so 200 miles a day is the target, a few high lumps on the way will test everyone.

For those that will be interested in following my progress in the race in 2015, here’s an example of what to expect. The 2014 Live tracking page is still available; Press the play Button in the time frame in the bottom left hand corner of the map to see a race replay. Use the slider to zoom through the time-span of 14 days faster.

Last year the choice of ferries from London broke the race up quickly, for TCR3 in 2015 it will be a more common route through France to start. Be warned it can be become addictive, you could become a “blue dot” watcher (so named because the quicker loading phone app has blue dots rather than the flags seen here)